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Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Empty nest Mom....

The Empty nest Mom

A mothers love, forever See's her child through the lens of the heart
as she looks at the adult before her, she also See's the precious baby, toddler, child they use to be. The worry and concern never leave. A siren can go off, and immediately she thinks about were her children are at...are they safe? There are times her mind can get carried away, and she pictures her child miles away in trouble or a accident..she never says's a word, but real tears roll down her face. She wonders how the years went by so quickly, and sometimes yearns to have those moments back. those times, when her babies came running and snuggled in her lap. She yearns for those times, because she new they were safe...she remembers standing in the doorway, watching them sleep..her heart so full of love, she sometimes thought it would burst. Now she drifts of to sleep with one blessing on her lip's...'watch over them please, guide them, be there for them...' A mothers love at this point is about letting go, about allowing them to be the people God intended them to be. About listening, and realizing they are not to be just like you, for each persons journey is unique and know two are ever alike. it's about embracing there dreams, supporting, and upholding, allowing them to follow the paths of there heart. A mothers love, shows no disappointment, doesn't control, or make one feel less then..she embraces her children, putting there needs before her own...She will light up when they visit and marvel how she can walk away at the airport, them going in one her feet take her away in another. Or her heart marvels as there car leaves the driveway...she wonders always how she can walk away...for she always remembers the child they use to be. years will go by, and her child may have grey hair's of there own...It doesn't matter she will always be there mom, she will always love them with a bursting full heart. And she will cry more tears in quiet moments that they are never aware off...moments only a mothers heart truly knows. Being a mom is loving that much, unconditional, full of faith and hope and dreams for the children she loves...and she walks around forever with prayers on her lips....protect them, bless them with happiness, be there for them when I can't be... Her heart beats the eternal beat of love... a connection so strong that time, distance, life cannot ever change's a part of her forever...and always... " I Love you ".....Beyond the moon and stars, beyond forever and back again...simply because 'You are" and I was privileged to be your mom, or have you in my life as a child to help raise....nothing ever came close to how much that meant to me.....and nothing ever will... Spread your wings and fly... My mothers heart, will forever surround you from afar ...with a love blanketed in prayers.....endless and always..................


  1. Oh Peggy Sue,
    I just love this post. You are so is "part of us forever." We do walk around forever with prayers on our lips. I think one of the greatest surprises of being a Mom has been that even
    though the nest is empty, and I trust the Lord with their protection, I am still just as aware and concerned as I was when they were little. Still, they are always in my mind and heart. Our Mother's hearts do "surround them from afar."

    I hope your Mother's Day was full of sweet blessings, my friend!

  2. Oh I just saw this one :) yes, I have learned being a mom never stops...they don't tell you that... and then grandchildren well they add to that list...and always they all float around in your mind and heart 24/7. I think there is that saying that goes something like " to be a mom is to have your heart walking around outside your body..because pieces of your heart...are with them" It's so much more then I ever realized!!! I had a good mothers day. Different because for 11 years I had my mom around. but it was good...and yes some teary moments. Many blessings back to you are so gracious, and kind! love Peggy

  3. What a beautiful Mother's Day post. My girls are in their mid to late twenties now, and I also wonder ... where did the years go? Have a wonderful week,


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