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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Inside 'Owl Creek farm's' Cape Cod/ farm house...The Dinningroom

What room to start with??? I was planning on the living room/ Library/den combo...
but for some reason decided to start with the Dinning room :)

When you come through the door of Owl creek farm...

This is the tunnel view you get :) because our camera's don't like to have 
peripheral vision! See the hallway to the left? and the wonderful  wall sconce's?
There is a wonderful storage closet there. And the door strait ahead? a Coat closet..then to
your right a peak into the library/den area and to the left a peak into the living room :)
(In many ways these are before picks...because I have not painted anything yet) I love this green color...but it's to dark  for this area of the home...yet it has been done so nice...
this wont be first first on my list...)

This is the dinning room before we cleaned and moved things in...
notice there was no overhead light??!

It had the wonderful Real brass sconce lighting 
but for eating, that wasn't really 'lite' enough...

We have never had a dinning room before. So this was a blank canvas and even tho
down the road I will paint...I was so excited about this big dinning room :)

I just had to have this Harvest Table! It's 8ft...and yet, that still 
wont fit all of us :)
In my dream's of chandeliers I always pictured more a white country cottage one...
But they did NOT go with this home...
However I did fall in love with this one..and it fits perfectly 
We had to swag it for now...there is no fixture there yet..and this Room only has
one outlet.

Isn't it pretty? It matches the brass sconce's !!! and the flavor of this home.

I don't have the chairs I need for the table..but I borrowed some from the Kitchen set :)

My style..ummm I love country cottage, but for my family,
the whites, the light colors, the much and they would be destroyed!
My husband is a man's man...and therefore he has dirt and grease and things hanging from his jeans.
he is not going to take his shoes off...that just is NOT who he is.
so I think you will see through out my home that I just have a 'Love Style'
I find pieces I love and put them with practical...I hang thing's
that have been gifts or made for me...because I LOVE those thing's...
so yes...a love style is what I would call me :)

My style is like, well like depends on my mood!
I love all kinds of, pop, rock and roll, classics jazz..etc etc..
so my style is the's what I fall in love with..right then and there... and I 
just combine it all!

I must say...I love having a dinning room! who would of "thunk it?" :)

All 5 of our kids senior pic's are on this wall (the oldest never had one we have her nursing pic up)
down the road I will have to get a 16 x 20 of her...and then we have are 5 grand kids...
so our love wall!!! 

These pic's were taken right before our Mothers day dinner!

Above the bay window :) "we create our tomorrows by what we dream today"

The lil plaque on this shelf was a gift from my husband
"we may not have it all together, but together we have it all"

This lil plaque I found..I just loved the saying because it's so true
'Integrity is doing the right thing when no one else  is watching"

I have always loved old red barns and white church's...
and to think..I now have my own old red barn...oh how blessed I am .

I am a sucker for pretty dishes! I so love them! but I hunt for special pieces.

My collection's are slow growing as I look for the perfect piece's...
but that also makes it fun.

The beautiful Brass sconces!
I will be posting more home pic's
but if your new, here are some other links that
will take you to post's about this home
and how blessed and lucky we feel.

Thanks for stopping by..I would love to hear from you!


  1. Oh Peggy Sue,
    Where do I begin? You just moved in and already your dining room feels like
    "home." I am in love with: your beautiful hardwood floors, the fantastic harvest table, the perfect chandelier that does match your brass sconces, the family wall of senior pictures,
    the plaques with love and sentiment...I am stunned. Your "Love Wall" so suites who you are...brimming over with love, creativity, talent and an open heart.

    There are no words to express how totally THRILLED I am for you. I love every picture and the stories that go with them.

    Keep 'em coming, dear friend!
    Love and prayers flowing your way from Spokane!
    Your friend!

  2. Linda, thanks for stopping by...I am all about cozy, so when I move I get right to it..this however has been a very time consuming, difficult move..are things everywhere. And it's interesting because we are slower then we use to be...lifting box's, moving thing's...sometimes I just stare as the box and wish I could twinkle my nose like Be-witched...and it would move seems age is catching up. My husband was diagnoised with rheumatoid arthritis 2 years ago. so it's also been hard for him...we think back to when moving was a piece of cake and we had all the energy in the world's amazing how the body changes! This home, has though been so us :) just feel so blessed. Love to you Linda :)

  3. Oh Peggy Sue, thank you so, so much for sharing a part of your story on my blog today. I am so honored that you were so vulnerable and authentic. Your words will touch others who read that post and those who God leads there. I cannot imagine this world without your sweet heart and soul in it. I am so grateful to the angels who were breathing life into you. Most of all, I am so grateful that you came to know the Lord. You are His miracle, His daughter and He created you for great things. I don't feel it was an accident in any way that you and I have come to know each other. I am grateful beyond words for all of your authentic heart and your sweet words and encouragement.

    Could I ask a favor? Could you please keep my darling youngest daughter in your prayers this next week? This is such a tough time for her right now. Please pray that she would feel His hand on her life and in her hurting heart. She, like you, has such a huge heart.
    Thank you, dear friend. Sending prayers and more prayers your way.
    Love Linda!

  4. Linda, I will keep your daughter in prayers.... Life is beautiful but also hard... that is just the reality of it... but without pain we cannot know joy. your words here touched me tired to write..but will keep her in prayers and you :) Love to you and a big hug!


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