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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Unspoken Heroes/ A tribute To Mothers

In 2005 I was listening to the news in the morning's...and it seemed like every day
there was a causality of war...if not more then one.
the news named the soldier and that he had a wife and 2 kids...
and that was it...all you heard.
Like most of you 9/11 caught me...the utter chaos!
I thought of all the family's who's lives
were now shattered...the women
who gave birth alone!

This weighed heavy one me! I thought of the women left behind to carry on...
There Battle had truly just started!!!

One night, after midnight...the tune and lyrics came...within 45min
Unspoken Heroes was born
I sang from my heart, my soul and it came out...
I grabbed paper and pen...and wrote as fast as the melody and lyrics came.
Then I went to my most gifted brother.
he is the one that is a Estate attorney...
but his gift for a gift I wish I had!
when he came into town...
we sat together...
this is the second song we did...
I wanted a group of rough rowdy country western singer's to sing this...
but none could be found.
So we found a man with a Beautiful voice..and tried to roughen him up.
Steve R. we are forever great full you did this demo for us.

I still see and feel in my head, rough and rowdy country boys...singing this..
overlapping and making it a true...true the men/ soldiers
we have lost!...
But time goes by...
and thanks to 3 amazing women in blog land...
I finally choose to share.
To Donna, you have given me the courage to do so...because
you had the courage to follow your art!
To Linda, you are teaching me more and more to be my Authentic self!!!
and to Vicky, you are one of the mom's this song is for...and you teach us all
to LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE in each precious moment...we are given.

This song is for mothers...not just the ones who lost...
the ones who are single,
the ones who struggle every day to keep there families together...
and the ones who battle cancer...fighting with everything they never new they had
to be here..for there children.
this is for Mom's that LOVE that much!  
Yes, in many ways this song is personal...for it shares
were I go...when I don't know where else to go...
and who gets me through...for I have had those night's
were my prayers reach out like a
'Battle Cry'

The back of our 2005 my Brother and I :)
I had to get pic' tube doesn't just upload audio...this
was a bit difficult for me...
because I didn't want anything to take away from the song.
and yet I didn't have much of my own stuff to pic from...

Putting this out there is equally hard...I am not after any fame or fortune
to take my feelings and put them into music...
it makes my soul fly free...
to choose to share..there will be those who don't like it!
that is ok...This has been a gift..just for me...
and I am humbled to have it...
I am also very new at this...because I had to break away after 2005
I have written and sung...but they are only here inside me..or on sheets of paper
so many different song's....
But for some reason..i felt I should share...for those
who would want to hear it..for those...who need to know
they are NEVER alone!
I have been told this is a sad song. But life has it sadness...without pain we can't know joy
and visa verse...and I tend to be real in my feeling's
(click on the link below to hear this song)

the Lyrics are below

Our music was all copy righted in 2005
feel free to share if you know of anyone who may
enjoy it...
I just felt it was share a huge part of who I am... :)
May you know you are watched over...always!!!


  1. Oh my goodness Peggy Sue! So talented! What a beautiful, loving, tribute. Yes, the singer you chose to sing has a beautiful voice! What a wonderful piece of craftsmanship- your words, your brother's music and this beautifully sung rendition is something your family will have and treasure always! Thank you so much for sharing- love to you sweet friend!

  2. Thanks Vicky :) In many gives me a safe place to put my feelings...It is challenging and fun...and the results of music from the feeling's...well its all very humbling. Something just for me...I sing lil ditty's all the gets it out of my head..into something of beauty..simple lil songs.


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