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Saturday, July 12, 2014

One Kitty, 2 kitty, 3 kitty 4...5 kitties...will there be anymore? :)

I was looking for a 'certain kitty to love'
to cuddle with,
to MUG :)
to call mine!
To read more about this...older post 
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When we closed on our home the first of May
my Mother in law,
had found me...just such a kitty! And so as we moved in...
I got my 'Lil Guy'

I have always loved cats! and I had a kitten before,
who chewed on our hands...
but this 'LIL GUY' chews on my hands, arms, any place he can get too!
I think it is his way of showing love, because he is very much...
my kitty...trusting me and skittish of anyone new!
he also did not cry like most kittens do!
he would take himself to bed, in the closet!
he has YET to sleep with us...
so finding him a name has been difficult...
because his personality is developing...
Having said that..once he is worn out...
he does snuggle!

I started this post a bit ago...and since then we found a name for our new
lil guy... here is our youngest grandson with Emmit :)

and one of our grand daughters with Emmit!

I had thought I only wanted 2 cats! I truly truly did.
But our second day at our new home
we saw a cat in the big dumpster (the previous owners had the dumpster)
when I called she came...
and the next day I brought food for her,
when she let me touch her, I told my husband...
aaah ohh I think she is pregnant...
then the next day I see another cat...
And so we learned that we had two cats..that came with the house.

Leroy is on the left..he was a Tom cat! Edith Ann is on the right.
these 2 are so sweet! they followed us around the yard. They are so close I thought they
may have been litter mates.

One morning Edith was hurt. My husband kept saying she wasn't pregnant.
I brought her to the vet, we were going to have her looked at and fixed.
the vet grinned..."she is pregnant, you have approx 7 days till kittens get here, she needs more protein and a safe place to have them" I was like "Oh my, she didn't look that pregnant"
The vet Proclaimed she has only 2 in there maybe 3!
I had been telling my husband...she needs a spot just in case...Edith was trying to come into the house.
So I made a nest in the basement...there is a half bath down there and food and kitty litter went there.
the closet to the bedroom down there was set up for kittens...
Edith and was worn out..she slept and slept..she was so grateful
to have a safe place...each day I checked on her..back and forth down to the basement.

Meanwhile Leroy was very lonely. So I allowed him and Emit to meet through the screen door.

For a Tom cat..Leroy is very loving..but we had a appointment to get him fixed
and his shots...and until then I was unsure...of how he would treat Emit.
Leroy would call and Emit would come running.
Leroy would sleep on one side of the screen and Emit on the inside!

Our little guy was all fluster and back raising ..but Leroy layed down in
the docile position, even glancing away so Emit would relax.

Leroy wasn't that impressed with Emmit's carrying

Leroy however kept crying for Edith Ann..and 3 days after she
was in the basement I came down stairs to see this...

Leroy had found Edith Ann! He talked through the window and he
slept outside her window every day for a period of time...
the connection these two have is something.
But they are not siblings.
The vet has Edith as a early fall baby..10 months/ maybe a year. And when Leroy went
in to get fixed and get his shots he put Leroy at 18 months.

On day 7 of Edith Ann being in the basement. I was at doctors appointments with
my in-laws all day long.
I came home, and realized I best check on Edith. it was day 7!

I looked inside the closet and saw a baby, far away from Edith Ann, still attached by the
umbilical cord to it's lil placenta sack (each kitten has there own sack) the baby
was meowing a very low cry..and at first I thought Edith had just given birth.
But as I looked at her, I saw a fluffy kitten nursing.

I jumped into action and cut the umbilical cord.
I threw the placenta sack away and I whisked this very wet cold kitten up.
trying to dry it and warm it up.
For an hour I tried to get Edith to accept this kitten.
she seamed over whelmed and like she didn't know what to do.
Finally my husband ran to get Kitten formula and a bottle.

For the next few hours we both tried to feed her.

The little thing, just wasn't getting the bottle.
But she was very warmed up and her meows were louder.
at bedtime I decided to see if Edith Ann would accept this baby one last time.
I new Edith trusted me.
As I brought the baby  down and Edith put her nose to the babies nose..
this lil thing cried so loud...that Edith smacked my hand...
"give me my baby back"
she was accepted! Yeah!
I had read though..that sometimes a mother neglects a baby because it has
a birth defect..that can't be seen...
My husband had named this baby Abe...for abandoned and perhaps abnormal...
our lil Abe..became my sweet lil Abigail..or Abbey for short.
and her Healthy brother has become Boris!

Abigail's little eyes didn't open like her brother's.
The vet said to use a damp clothe...

But every day its a process to open her eyes so she can see!

This is our little Boris! he is truly a cutie!

And this is our sweeeeeeeeeeeeet Abigail on a day I got both eyes open..they are shaped different!
she will be going to the Vet next week along with Boris and Emit.
Some morning's I wake up to see Abbey playing..her steps high..and her head swinging a
little like Stevie wonders...both eyes glued shut.
Every day many times a day I hold her and work on getting her eyes open so she can see.
she sits so still, her lil personality so very sweet..that we have
decided to keep her..she is my lap kitty.
But my husband then also wanted to keep Boris...
because in the moments she cant see..Boris helps her
find her way around!

 I love the saying,

                                               "I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself."  D.H. Lawrence

They are 5 weeks now
Abigail on the left..Boris on the right!

They are at that cutest kitten stage! (Boris)

Big brother Emit...hangs with them 24/7 almost!!!

Sometimes its just one big cat pile!

Leroy and Edith are thrilled to be back together again :)

Everyone gets alone. Leroy even met the kittens on the back Patio!
In the Midwest here, people don't fix there cat's. The shelters are so full...
and the chances the cats go to a home were they wont get fixed...
is a chance we don't want to take
In all truth..4 cats came with our home...sweet cats...!!!
well behaved and loving...
and we cant turn them out...
Emmit was the one I picked
But in the end...4 more picked us!
so Owl creek farm has a cat society of
and I would say...after they are all are  fixed and gotten there shots
we are Done!
But to turn them out...not a option...
we know we can love them.
that they will have a good home..were they are respected
and taken care off...
We just cannot do anything less!
So we welcome
Leroy, Edith Ann, Emmit, Boris and Abigail
to our family :)


  1. Oooooohhhhh - I just LOVED this post!! I'm so happy to finally meet your ragdoll and the kitties that came with the house. I thank God that you, kitty lovers, are the ones who bought the house. These beautiful felines will have a wonderful home with you. I have to tell you that the photo of Leroy looking through the basement window made me cry. How can people not realize that animals feel love and emotions the same as we do? Thanks so much for posting all about your gorgeous fur family!!!!

  2. Donna seeing Leroy outside her window was a 'aaah moment' he is so sweet and for hours he laid outside the window..popping his head up to check. There connection is a very strong one...meanwhile I must tell Abigail is a boy!!! oh my..and these boys are having the time of there lives! I have always been a animal love. Lucky my husband is to!!! I will update my fur family from time to time!!!


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