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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The view from my window

I flew into Montana just as the weather took a dive. They were in the 90's before I came. Now we are very crisp and cool...dare I say cold!....but guess what...I am OK. I love it.

I am lucky to know so many beautiful people and one wonderful couple is letting me stay at there Ranch House...

This was my view, through the window, yesterday morning. Can you see the snow covered peaks in the back ground?

As I flew in, I put my book down and looked out the window and for reason's unknown tears came. when I see mountains, they make me look up, they make me dream and aim higher and aspire for everything that is good. I have missed them. However the tears also came...because this time is the first time. My mom is no longer here. And I thought back to April...yes just this past April and she was standing there, waiting for this very same airport. I never know when the emotions will hit me. when they do, it seems to come out of the blue....sigh

The Ranch house I am in, was build in the late 1800's early 1900's. It was the original home to the property. and is a beautiful 4,000 sq foot dream. I also stayed here this summer and I took these next pictures then...

They painted and upgraded a bit. Keeping everything in a decor that just works for this lovely home. 

A sunset close up, of the front porch. The lady of this home loves more a french country flair.

The beautiful back of this home. I tell ya, you could have a small wedding and reception here!!!

There are wonderful touches everywhere. Its cozy, so homey and the land is out of this world.

Two of the baby horses this summer...and one of the momma's. Things like this make me smile.

The pump house is even to cute!

And a swing...this use to be my mom's. She gave it to the lady of this home, because they were dear friends... can you tell why I like being here???! the swing was here when I needed it most...

I am here for a new grand baby. But also settling more estate things regarding our mom. and then her Headstone is due to arrive while I am here..... and as I type from my lap top, I am sitting in my mom's empty home...a log home, on acreage, with the horse corals...but its empty...her garden though is still flourishing..I walk around feeling her in all the beauty she created with her gardening...and I sigh again...because I miss her...

Just got a call...daughter is 2 cm dilated...It looks like this lil miss wants to come early...perhaps she knows, she will bring us much Joy!


  1. That looks like the Montana I know and love :) My husband was just traveling through on his way to Idaho for work last week. I'm so glad you are there for the birth of a new grand baby- joy is exactly what I feel when I see those words. But I also know the mighty tug on the heart when we try to move forward through the empty spaces our loved ones leave behind. Hugs dear one- I think you are exactly where you are supposed to be :)

  2. Oh posted this, just when I needed to hear it..I went back to my blog..scrolled down..all misty eyed...not exspecting any comment..and there you were...thank you!!!!


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