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Monday, February 17, 2014

Looking for this kind of Kitten :)

I am searching for a this???
why? you may I want a certain Kitten?
because I found 'Him" once in a k-mart
he was the only one in the litter with the Half/Siamese markings!

growing up, we had Half Siamese cats..there loving dispositions were just so 
exceptional that when I found one...(and I love BOY cats)
I had to bring this guy home!

(This is a black and white...or you could see his gorgeous blue eyes)

We named him CB..that stood for cry baby! he was a family cat. I don't think he even new he was a cat.
he went in the car with us, and camping with us, he sat in the kids wagons and they cruised down the snow hill or road.
He loved water and bath time...
and when bedtime came..he was snuggled in...until morning!
He was LOVED...and only 10 years of age,
I had to put him down.
Kidney failure. I had assumed I would have him for at least 18 years...
but to my dismay, that was not to be.
to be honest, that was the hardest thing i ever had to do.
The vet said, "if he stops eating, that is when..because his death will be slow and painful, he will know he can't eat...because that will make the death even harder..."
He stopped eating!
I waited several day's and then I could NOT allow 
him any pain and suffering..
I made a appointment for Sunday...
He was in my arms..and I sobbed and sobbed...
to be honest, I didn't think I would ever be the same again.
for the next week I sobbed  of and on constantly and I went around with swollen eyes.

It goes against everything in you... I am to save him, help him...
Not allow his life to be over.
But he had been heading in this direction for 6 months...
he was a lover, a family member...
and the kind of death he was looking at...was NOT acceptable for a cat that was so Loved!

Today they call these cats 'Ragdolls'  the bread was started by just taking stray cat's
with the part Siamese or full Siamese markings and breading them together...
why? because they are that lovable.
But these kittens cost from $600 to $1800 a piece!!!

Spring is coming...if you see a box of kittens...wont you peak inside?
and if you see a lil boy with these kind of marking...will you take a pic with your cell
phone and send it to me :)
Our CB is not replaceable...but I know, that another lil boy kitten will find its
way into my heart.  And I am missing having a cat...!
I have been searching for awhile now...the humane society, box's of kittens,
on the Internet...sigh...

Because you see..i need a lover kitten. So even though I have had other kittens that are tabby, 
black or white...I am craving..a part Siamese to love on!

I am in the I can drive here or get him :)
thank you for stopping by!!! 

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