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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A feel of spring in the air!

I woke up this morning...
and I could feel the air was warmer...

The sun came out...

and the wind started blowing....But...

It is a wonderful warm wind! At least it 'feels' warm.

And I realized, "Oh my, I don't need a coat"

I can't remember the last time, I didn't have a coat!
It seems like this has been the looooooooongest winter!
Is that just me? or have you felt that way too?

The birds are singing..not just one or two...but a chorus that 
makes me heart sing...

I think the birds are as pleased with me...with the gift of this
warmer, sunny, breezy day!

It's 63 in our neck of the woods!  63!!!!
and it has made my soul soar...........

Such a must needed, blessed day!
Funny how that works...sunshine, a warmer breeze...and birds singing
there sweet song...
and my soul smiles, from deep inside
all is well, all is well :)

(Pictures were taken in a friends garden last July )

How is your Neck of the woods today???


  1. You are so talented with your camera- I feel as though I just need to breathe in and I could smell the flowers. So pretty :) We are in the midst of a warm up as well- although ours means white snow turning black and brown and slushy, and temps near 30 instead of 60- but I'll take it! Winter returns tomorrow… blech :)

  2. Its been a long winter...and I know I am not the only one ready for sunshine!!! I am asking for sunshine to surround you....I know how much it helps me..and for the days to bring a warmer breeze! xoxox

  3. Oh dear Peggy Sue.
    THANK YOU for the gift of these pictures. I adored your friend's garden. So creative and artistic. I am especially drawn to the sink with the flowers and rake and the shopping cart filled to the brim with the sweetest posies. This is a treat to my eyes and just hearing the words...63 degrees...makes me so nostalgic. All of us in Spokane, where it is in the 20s and going back down to be colder still, cannot wait to hear the birds and plant spring flowers.

    Your wonderful photographs are so encouraging. Spring will come. God is faithful.
    This post is a gift to my heart, as are you Peggy Sue!
    God Bless, friend, and I'm sending warm spring hugs your way!
    Love, Linda

  4. Such amazing pictures! It make me long for spring. The temperatures are getting warmer here: they are in the 50° in the afternoon, but the sun isn't shining long enough to my liking! Please, send a warm breeze over here!


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