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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Do It Anyway.....

It seems 'LIFE'
is on my mind...simple, sweet, scary and sad,
wonderful, unpredictable...

How many of you have heard the 'story'
about the elderly woman who lost her husband?
It was valentine's day, and oh how she missed him..
it was her first without him.
The day wore on and her heart was heavy, with missing him,
with grief and just wanting to have him near her again...
she heard a knock on the door..
who could it be?
and as she opened the door 
there stood the florist with
a dozen long stem, red roses.
It must be a trick she thought, a cruel trick,
for this is what her beloved husband had sent her, each year
always, throughout there life together on 
Valentines Day!
so she called the florist, this is a cruel mistake she said, he is gone.
the florist assured her, "it was not, before he got so ill, he made plans,
that for the next years ahead
a dozen roses would be sent to her,
on each Valentines Day, after he was gone!
the elderly lady fell silent, could it be?
she got off the phone and slowly opened the card...
and there were the words..the words he always wrote
and yet one word was different,
always he wrote, "I love you always"
this time the card said, "I love you eternally"
She held the rose's close and the card,
tear's came, as she heard from her beloved
On Valentine's Day!

Stories like this, I have always loved..always.
there are young father's and mother's who leave behind
video's of themselves and notes and cards...
so there children know, how much they were loved.

My mother also always loved this. I always assumed the gift behind knowing
you had a illness, was the gift to do these kind of things, or to say
what needs to be said, leaving nothing unsaid behind.
A tragic accident doesn't allow one to be able
to do these things...

Yet, my mother, couldn't do this..bless her heart! and yet,
I would of loved to have had something, just a little note...My mom
couldn't say goodbye...
I realize for my mom, to do this, was to confront the 'possibility' she wouldn't
get her miracle, and she just couldn't do it, being in
denial was safer for her...

The other day it occurred to me..why do we need a illness to make us aware?
I can do this now! I am a Mom, a Grandma, a Wife, a Sibling, a friend.
I can leave behind my messages...just in case.
My messages of love...and I can always, always Add to them if I want to.
I can do today, what I think is a beautiful gift to leave behind for those
I love. I don't have to wait for a illness..
or worse have a tragedy were I don't get the opportunity
I can just "Do it Anyway"
and since doing it "Anyway" has always been me...
this seemed to fit and make me smile...

Life is about 'Doing it Anyway" there doesn't have to be a time or 
place that is correct... it doesn't have to be reciprocated...
we can always do what our heart believes shows love
we can always do whatever we want that is
Have a blessed and happy, loved filled Valentine's day!


  1. Oh Peggy Sue,
    Thank you for this wonderful reminder... to do it anyway! I LOVED your post and this video clip. What a perfect reminder to love them anyway, be strong anyway, open your heat anyway, and when all might be so sad, pray anyway.

    I love the idea of leaving notes for those we care for, a gift if we are suddenly gone. As a present for both my girls, who now are both Moms, I made a scrapbook of letters to them, "Words From Your Momma." In case I leave and go "home" unexpectedly, they'll know what I think about life, what I would say to them if I was still there, and most importantly how much a LOVED them

    Thank you Peggy Sue for being you, for loving life and spreading God's joy, where ever you go! God is using you in SO many ways.

    Thank you too, for reading my posts and having the heart to comment.
    Happy Valentines Day, sweet friend!
    God Bless!
    Love, Linda

  2. I think this is brilliant!! So insightful to understand that we can do these things now, yes, without illness being the prompt. I pray that my blog will someday be just that thing- with the letters I write to the boys on their birthday and the years worth of stories I share about them. I pray that will speak to them at some point. Happy Valentine's Day sweet friend!! Love, love, love to you!

  3. Linda and Vicky, your Blogs are so honest, so real and so full of 'who you are'...interesting what you said Vicky! because I had already realized that about you...your Blog is your journal, your love, your hopes and your dreams. Linda, yours also evokes who you are and your love... and dreams as well.
    Thank you both, you two have given me a don't even realize or have a true clue about...and that has made my heart smile on this day...I call Love Day! xoxox and much Love!


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