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Sunday, February 2, 2014

My word for 2014 LAUGHTER

An amazing thing just happened!
I have been hunting and searching for my word...
and then it hit me...right in the middle
of the Super Bowl and the Broncos getting creamed..
OR TO LAUGH (but that is 2 words)

The word we choose has to be something we push for in our lives...
and I tried so many and love so many other's have...
but nothing fit...nothing...

Tonight I realized why? If you new me, you would know...
I always smile...I laugh....I am upbeat, I am positive...

yet 2013 took me on a journey that lasted most the year,
as caregiver to my mom who was dying and then left this
earthly home so much sooner then we ever expected...
through that journey other's had anger and other's in there pain
felt safe...(yes I have come to realize that) letting it
all hang out on me...

and my smile faded and the laughter disappeared.

laugh as a verb; expressing laughter, amusement, happiness
synonyms; chuckle, giggle, grin, roar...etc

so I am aiming to laugh and Roar this bring...Me back!
and with that said... I want to share this...

Laughter is contagious..laughter brightens every moment...laughter is always always needed
so here is ME striving to bring the laughter back in 2014!!!
Go me..go me!!! :)   


  1. I think you have picked such a unique word and one that will embrace you in so many ways- I can't wait to see! I pray you find laughter often and if you don't find it- it finds you!! Even I found a little I wrote about this weekend- its more of a chuckle- but it works :) Hugs to you sweet friend- here's to much laughter in 2014!

  2. Thanks Vicky, I shared with My BF my word...and i said, maybe to others it's to simple...but I realized Its truly something I need to bring back into my life...and I realized that having it as my word..will allow me to focus on the things that bring joy and laughter... and I need that :)

  3. Oh Peggy Sue,
    How wonderful that you have found your "word' for the year and that it so perfectly suits you. Some years
    are so hard. 2013 was one of our hardest too. Many more tears than laughter. Yet God is so good and part of the
    healing, for me at least, is to have a new perspective. To see the humor until tears run down my cheeks.
    Let LAUGHTER fill your heart, my friend! May it heal your soul. Love, Linda

  4. Thanks so much Linda! you have a way with words!


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