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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Vintage linen Valentine's...and other fun idea's

 I love love ALL the Holidays!
is no exception! Yes, Love month!

In Elementary was sitting at your desk,
Opening each Valentine ... hoping
that 'one' would say that something special!

If you went to school in the Era I did...then you would know ...we always put something on the cards
when we liked someone... and I remember....just hoping
I would get that card that would say
"Your Cute"
"I Like you"
"Your Pretty"

Because when you floated home on a cloud!!!
That was a good Valentine's day at Age 8,9,10!!!

Later in Jr High and High School, the pressure was even more!
in our school the Cooking class, made Giant cookies to sell.
you could Buy a giant cookie for someone,
and write anything you liked on it!

At the end of the day, these cookies were handed out!
The delivery 'Kids' would come into each class and walk around
to those 'Lucky' ones that had gotten a Giant Valentine cookie
from seems that some got more then one...
and then there was ummm me....for reasons
unknown...I never got one!

Or there was a stage in High School when those that had a Boyfriend,
received a promise ring on Valentine's day!
I had 2 Girlfriends one year, that received promise ring's
we oooh and awwwed over the ring and diamond...yes diamond!
OK, so maybe the diamond was small, like micro-diamond...
but still, it said something...
THEY were loved! 

Oh yes, I always received a Valentine from my Mom, or a girlfriend...but when your a
Teen...that just didn't seem the same! 

Some girls, received rose's and other's chocolate's
and the most popular girls got all of the above!!!
with a Big Giant cookie to boot!  

Then I got Married! and I thought YES, finally..I will get rings, and chocolates,
rose's and romance...

BUT... my husband is a 'man's man' and thus rose's and chocolate's, ring's and diamond's
were just not him...
however, I did receive always a beautiful card..with words that brought me to tears.
On our first Valentine's he made a wood heart and hung hooks on it...
for my necklace's.  May I add, we really didn't have money, for rose's and chocolate's
ring's and diamonds...back then...

Then came the year, my husband was working out of town, and so card came!
This was approx. 13  years ago. Our girls were in High School and I received a 
e-mail from 'someone'...she was newly married for the second time
and was sharing her 1st Valentine's with me...

As I started reading, my oldest daughter stands by me reading went something like this..
"I woke up to rose petal's making a path to the bathroom, when I got there,
music was playing and there was a little box...

 ... In it was a diamond tennis bracelet,
later at work the florist came with 24 long stemmed rose's,
and when I got home that night...

There were chocolates and a card... he also brought in someone to give me a
personal massage...Then of course,  (OF COURSE)
we went out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurant...
It has truly been the best Valentine's day!"  

you could of heard a pin drop as my Daughter and I came to the end...
and then my daughter said, 
"MOM, your Valentine's SUCKED"
(May I add, this daughter has brought much laughter to our lives) 

A part of me wanted to hit the reply button and say, "In the future please
keep your wonderful days to yourself"!!!

10 years later..this marriage of this someone was over!
however, I am still here...with my Manly man husband!

I think of the Diamond ring he gave me, for my 30th birthday!
the one he wanted me to have from day one!
I think of the locket he gave me on a birthday, with pictures of our kids on one side
and a picture of him on the other side. Then there was the Black Golds ring,
 this past July as my Birthday fell on the day we had my mom's service.
It was a ring that had 2 hearts intertwined..for my Mom and I.

There are moments throughout the year,  that he tries romance, and he
makes me laugh often...but he is a man's man!
Yet I have come to realize..his gift's.
When it's freezing outside and the plumbing freezes, it's not me out
there, but him. And then he also helps all the neighbor's.
When we break down... I am in the car, when he is out fixing the the heat, cold or dark.
There truly is nothing my husband can't fix! and he fixes it right...!

I don't have to worry about all that Yucky stuff...because he is out there Fixing it!
Anything heavy he lift's, he builds homes, roofs, gates, cement paths, porches..nothing is out of his reach...even when the plumbing backs up!!! (I so wouldn't want that job)
he is the man on the job!

and that I have come to realize is

Romance can go as quickly as it came, but LOVE..real love..well it stays!
So I call February "love month"
a reminder to let the people we love know..! Not just our Husbands,
but our parents, our children our friends...etc
a time to remember all those 'thing's' that show what love,
Truly is!

I hope your Month, your Valentine's..will be as GOOD as mine have
always been!

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  1. Hi Peggy! What great Valentines! I love your idea of February being Love month :) Your daughter sounds like a hoot, too! Thanks so much for stopping by. Baby loves it when people mention her in their comments (she knows, because I tell her!)... And, the weather people are downgrading their snow prediction for this weekend so I am keeping my fingers crossed! Can't wait for spring! Stay warm!!!
    P.S. LOVE your name!

  2. Thanks Donna, your 'Baby' looks very loved and very content! I for the first time in my life dont have a cat... "yes I am a Cat lover" and I am looking for a kitten...but I want a certain kind...because one cat I had was so exceptional and it broke my heart in a million pieces when I had to put him down...he was only 10yrs old...and I always thought I would have him till at least 18 years. Still cold here...and I am so looking forward to warm days! Thanks for leaving a comment...made my day! :)


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