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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Today is world Cancer Day!!!

Some things just need to be addressed, to bring more support, more awareness
at a fight that is going on, all over the world...touching so many lives!

This is Reagan with Lindsey. They both lost there fight with cancer!
from Reagan's Mom...Shelby, "Today is World Cancer Day. Please take a moment to acknowledge every warrior who has ever fought or is still fighting this horrific disease. It is my prayer that someday there will be a cure so that no one else will have to suffer like Rae Rae or my very best friend Lindsey did.

And This is my mom and I. She lost her battle with pancreatic cancer!
There are many more,.... friends, cousins, co workers, family..
that are fighting cancer with all they have.
They say once cancer enters your's  there to stay!
When you loose people you love to this tend to always
be involved, to want awareness! 
Below is Reagan's memorial video. I want to share it because this beautiful
lil girl lost her battle right after she turned 3 years old.  Her parents went to 
grief support groups, they raise money for St Jude's and run marathons
they are laughing and smiling again...and as young as they are, have chosen
to weather the storm of utter heartache together!   We all don't want her
to be ever forgotten!

January 21st 2014 Reagan would have been 5 years old
from her mom Shelby

"When I held my baby for the first time five years ago I thought I would have a lifetime of milestones, memories, and birthdays. However God had a different plan, but that doesn't completely ease the ache I feel or the massive hole in my heart. Happy 5th birthday sweet girl, I hope your dancing up there!!"
Shelby shared this beautiful song!

Wont you take a moment, to donate and help! Pancreatic cancer is on the rise and one of the cancer's
that is least funded. St Jude's turns no one away and works daily at finding cures
for childhood cancer...just $5 from each of us would make a profound difference
in cancer research!!!

You can Google St Jud's or pancreatic cancer network, or any cancer network of your choice...

and today on FB  is color your profile purple! Purple is the color for survivors!!!
and if finaces are tight Chevrolet is donating a dollar to each person who colors there
profile purple! (I did)
just follow this link below! 

I donate to many different groups now...knowing that $5 here and there truly Ad's up!
wont you help and Join the fight!!!

P.S. and If you know anyone fighting can give a anonymous gift
directly to them...cancer treatments affects the whole family!

Thanks for stopping by and taking just a moment!
love to all!


  1. Amen- so beautifully articulated! Love seeing the pic of you with your mom- so pretty! Yesterday was a bit rough for me and I ended up down in bed resting mostly and missed most of "World Cancer Day," but am catching up today. Thanks for the great message and for helping raise awareness and ways to give to the cause!! Hugs to you!

  2. Oh dear Vicky...If I could I would take your place for a week or two (that would probably humble me to my knee's and then some and change me forever) just so you could have a break from the 'rough' days!!!
    Wow..that came out and then I thought...could I even handle what vicky goes through! you see, like my mom..I haven't been sick in years..a cold...but thats about it..My husband, my children have only seen me sick once..and that was 10 years ago! So in the moment, I wrote that..i thought about it..what it would be like and then have the extra doses 24/7 because of treatments, surgeries etc..and it left me like a puddle on the floor...with the REAL actuality of what it must be like.... Bless you heart! I will keep spreading the word always now...because I am not immune to cancer..none of us are..and if this was to become my journey..i would want to know...others TRULY are trying for more and better and a CURE!!! Love you beautiful Lady! and many prayers as always!!!


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